Sigis Vinylism, Master of Art, Professional Dj and producer, also known as the Lord of Vinyls, during his first partecipation to the 54° Biennale of Venice, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, has consacrated him as fouder of a new art style, the Vinylism.

25 years of hard work, productions, an enviable vinyls collectio, a route that since the beginning was animated by the will of giving immortality to vinyl, Sigis Vinylism aka Matteo Antonio Vaccari dj, has always worked as a purist in the dj console, with respect and fidelity to the origins of the djing.

This mission has accompanied him through the years of switch from analog to digital., from techno underground sonorities to the evolutions of actual electronic music, always keeping his signature as an excellent metronome , he found the full circle in the art.


One day, 10 years ago, he took a vinyl, molding it with his hands and some magic, as an alchimist operating a metamorphosis, his creature bends never breaking always keeping intact the integrity, as a loyal mirror to the artist’s path. In the latest years the Vinylism has been exhibited in two Biennale of Venice, and other solo exhibition in Italy, Principality of Monaco, France, US and Russia.


The art of Sigis Vinylism leads us to the essence of contemporary Nouveau Realisme, music shaped through the music itself, lips and mouths that convey a message that is an ancient and personal history that becomes universal, a sort of speaker of a struggle towards  life and love in memory of his family, in the constant will to give a new immortality to the music through the vinyl.


Sigis has dressed up and told this message in many ways, and this is just the beginning of a new era of his art,  the time has come to share with the world the  output of his unceasing 25 years research work, back to his most beloved language, the first love, the music.

After all those years spent feeding of dance, techno, house and underground sonorities, today we find them reworked in his sophisticated production of electronic music, eclectic and powerful in every single shade, whatever the bpm is, every track has a sound wave that is never the same but always wraparound.

This is the way Vinylismo Recordings was delivered, the tale of a dream carried throught his childhood that comes true, the Lord of Vinyls moldes sound waves that become substance that merged with his art become picture disc, that  againg become raw material for new Vinylism art pieces, a process that is an eternal continuum, palidrome as his signaturure.

Sigis is now merging his art into the music.