Sigis Vinylism


Matteo Antonio Vaccari Sigismondi, aka Sigis Vinylism, began his artistic career in the early 90s as a professional dj more refined then sound designer / producer.
In 2007, his music becomes matter through its life companions: vinyls take unique shapes, unique and surreal, giving voice to his thought.
Sigis gives immortality to vinyl through art: born lips enclosing a soul, a past, a deafening silent protest. The discs change appearance without ever breaking and reflect a passion stronger than any compromise.

“The subject of my art is represented by the mouths – metaphor of words, interaction and universal love – differently coloured as the changes in my mood.”

After various exhibition and shows in Italy and abroad as long as collaboration with international art galleries, as Galerie d’Art Monegasque (GAM) and Pictural Surrealistic Gallery in Montecarlo or OIOIOI International ArtGallery in San Petersbourg and Moscow, at 33 years of age Sigis obtains the aknowledgement of its artistic style “Vinilismo” from the Italian National Institut of Culture, consacrating him as Art Master during his partecipation at 54th Biennale di Venezia curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

After participating in the 55th Venice Biennale with “Back 2 Back to the Biennale” dedicated to the new avant-garde art and have successfully participated in the 2013 BrerArt has decideded, from October 2013 opens the doors of his Art Atelier in Milan in Via Gabrio Serbelloni 14 , turning it into a place for artistic encounters and cultural event for his works, as happened in the past within the atelier of art masters and within which is dedicated to the patronage, promoting young talents in the field artistic.
The works of Sigis also have been exposed to the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo with “The Atlantic Code of Leonardo da Vinci” as evidence of an innovative form of communication.

His constant research stems from a unique dynamic that allows him to study reality in all its facets and to interpret the world around them according to a staff in the making. His artistic career, in fact, surprising as has so far been short and intense, but already a harbinger of new experiences.
The declination of his art in various forms, such as photography, installations, digital art, painting, video art and music, creates no dissonance, but suggests an alternate route to his sensitive and ironic reading of the ‘truth’, able to involve the viewer.